Sunday Holy Communion at 8:00 am

St. Paul's LINK ("Sunday School") 9:15 am

Sunday Holy Communion at 10:30 am


worship ministry

If you are interested in joining The Worship Life Committee contact Judy McPhail at (775) 841-7620


If you are interested in becoming: 

Counter, contact  Mary DeFelice at (775) 882-0916

Reader, contact Judy McPhail at (775) 841-7620

Communion Assistant, contact Jay Olshen at (775) 720-4188

Greeter, contact Andrea Rud at (701) 430-1071

Acolyte, contact Greg Griffith at (775) 267-2082

Usher, contact David Harrell (775) 315-4661


Christian education

sunday school & VBS

Faith LINK Program ("Sunday School")  

Ages 3 through Junior  High

9:15 am Kids Church

9:30 am- 10:20 am LINK Classes (September through May)

Contact Hope Chowanski at (775) 230-3131 if you would like to assist. 

For a Faith LINK Registration Form

Click Here


Our Vacation Bible School is available Monday through Friday from 6 pm-8 pm sometime during the summer months.  We welcome all children ages 3 through Junior High.  Check our newsletter for the exact dates and call the church office @ (775) 882-3020 if you would like to assist.

baptism & communion


Meet with the Pastor to schedule a baptism . 

The picture above was taken during a baptism at the font with the reflection of the strained glass window behind the altar.


Those (ages 9 and older) who are interested in a First Communion class should contact the church office. 


Confirmation is a 2 year program taught by the Pastor for students in the 7th grade or above preparing them for full membership in the congregation. 


Please contact the church office if you have a 7th, 8th or 9th grader (or above) who is interested in this study class.


St. Paul’s “Confirmation Experience” is well under way. The “Confirmation Experience” is facilitated by Pastor Chad Adamik and Deanna Fine. If you are interested in learning more about this faith formation experience for students in grades 7 through 9 (ages 12- 15), please contact Pastor Chad at {775} 882-3020 or at chad.adamik@gmail.com. 

adult bible study

  • study and preparation

    Lectionary Bible Study

    Pastor Chad leads a weekly Bible study based on the scripture readings for the upcoming Sunday.  Please join us Fridays at 10:00 am in the Luther Room to broaden your perspective.

    Inquirer's Class

    Pastor Chad conducts an Inquirer's Class for those wanting to know more about the Lutheran faith. Please check back for upcoming dates and times.

  • WELCA Bible study

    Vicki Hamilton leads a Bible study on the first Tuesday of each month at 9:30-10:30 am. 

    She uses materials provided in the ELCA Women's magazine: Gather;  books written by ELCA women pastors; and different Bible translations of familiar Bible passages such as Psalm 23.

    If you enjoy lively discussion and sharing and learning more about scripture please come.                                                                           


organist/ musicians

David Lingensjo is the principal musician at St. Paul's.

Substitutes for David are Vicki Hamilton and Carol Arneson. 

Carol also serves as the accompanist for the choir.


The choir normally rehearses each

Wednesday from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Hopefully rehearsals will resume upon the resolution of the Covid-19 pandemic.

noah's nursery

We encourage all children to attend our services with their parents.  

We provide a well furnished nursery for young children through age 6.  A well-trained attendant is available every Sunday at 10:20 am.  

Lavon Anderson named the nursery "Noah's Nursery"  after adding the painting on the wall .  She served as the attendant for many years.

Anna Silver has been the current attendant for the last few years.