in our congregation


Please contact the church office (882-3020) if you or someone in your family would like to receive Holy Communion privately. 


A list of St. Paul's members who would like to be notified when there is a prayer request for a member or someone close to a member.  If you would like to be notified at those times, so that you can add your prayers, please leave your e-mail address at the office along with a note that it is for the list of St. Paul's Prayer Partners.


Pastor Chad initiated this committee to supplement individual pastoral visits. It is comprised of individuals who have volunteered to reach out to members and friends of the congregation who are experiencing illness, loss and/or isolation from the community of St. Paul's because of physical inability to attend services.

Monthly meetings are held with Pastor Chad to review and update the need for visits.  Individuals contact persons on the list by personal visits, phone visits and/or mailed cards and notes.  Individual desires are respected in terms of whether or not a person wishes to be contacted by a member of the committee at all and in what way they wish visits to occur.  

If you are interested in joining contact Vicki Hamilton @ (775)-230-1509

There are other committees in our congregation assisting in ministries.  

If you are interested in joining the:

  • Wellness & Outreach Committee, contact
  • Stewardship Committee, contact Carol Arneson @ (775)-267-0334.
  • Design Committee, contact the church office @ (775)-882-3020.
  • RIC (Reconciling in Christ) Committee, contact David Harrell @ (775)-315-4661.  To learn more about Reconciling in Christ, please click here. 
  • Structural Property Committee, contact ____________
  • Fellowship Committee, contact the church office @ (775)-882-3020.

in carson city        


FISH is a thrift store located at the corner of Long and Carson Street.  The service was started in 1979 by the Ministerial Association to help individuals in need. They operate with 25 staff members (Board of Directors) and over 100 volunteers.

The FISH mission is to provide food, clothing, shelter and medical aid to the homeless and hungry within our community, with the objective to provide programs and referrals to families and individuals so they may become self-sufficient.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Family participates with other local churches and organizations in various drives to gather items for those in need.  For example, the congregation members provide food to refill the pantry of FISH and shoes for the students in need.

Please see the pictures included under “Food & Shoe Drives” which follows this page.



This service continues to provide a variety of items for the neglected and homeless children. St. Paul’s will focus on specific items monthly as follows:

September – we will collect socks, handi-wipes (single packet), deodorant, and gently used backpacks.

October – We will collect underwear, razors, small stuffed animals, and small toy cars.

November- We will collect boys and girls underwear, emery boards, and nail clippers.


Operates a 24-hour crisis call line at

(775) 883-7654.        

Operates a 51-bed shelter that is designed to provide temporary refuge for women in crisis.

Maintains a database of community resources for employment assistance, educational opportunities, housing availability, childcare, legal referrals, medical and counseling providers as well as many other resources available in the community.

Contact the Advocates office at (775) 883-7654 for more information.



This ministry has grown into an independent non-profit organization serving nearly 600 students and distributes over 11,000 meals every month!  Bags of food weighing less than five pounds are placed in the children’s backpacks to cover meals over the weekend.  The bags of food contain nutritious items that do not require refrigeration, stoves, dishes or flatware.  

St. Paul’s helps by collecting monetary and food donations.



(Nights Off The Street) Program

NOTS was established by Deacon  Craig LaGier.  His official title at St. Teresa's Catholic Community is "St. Vincent adviser and homeless ministry".  He currently is running this program coordinating  with the Carson City churches and the Carson City Sheriff's Department.

NOTS is a group of churches in the area that have committed to provide members of the homeless community a warm place to sleep during the winter months (November - March).  Each church participating asks for volunteers to staff the evenings and nights. 

If you would like to participate, please email If you are receiving emails or phone calls from NOTS, then you are already signed up and ready to go. If you have any questions or need to be refreshed on how things work, there will be training sessions. 


IN our nation & world

ELCA World Hunger

Addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty

ELCA World Hunger is comprehensive and sustainable program that uses multiple strategies--relief, development, education, and advocacy--to address the root causes of hunger and poverty.  ELCA World Hunger responds to neighbors around the corner and around the world.

To learn more about world hunger go to           ELCA website:

Lutheran Disaster Response

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

US tornadoes

US wildfires

US flooding

2019 hurricane response

Cyclone Idai

Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunomi

South Sudan Relief

and more

To learn more about these disasters go to ELCA website:



2019-2020 Officers: 

President - 

Treasurer- Sharon Gesick

Secretary - Charlotte LaCombe

If you have questions about WELCA meetings, please call Renee Wolsom at (775) 883-7748, Sharon Gesick at (775) 443-8744, or Charlotte LaCombe at (775) 721-0514.

st. paul's stitchers

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 9:00 am at St. Paul’s. We create lap robes, quilts, bonnets and booties which are gifted to those in need throughout the community.  Come join us.  No experience necessary.

The quilts go to Advocates to End Domestic Violence Shelter, to newborns in the congregation and other needs in the church and community.

Lap robes go to nursing homes.   

Bonnets and booties go to newborns at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center. 

Shawls go to shut-ins in the congregation or others as needed.

Each Mothers' Day St. Paul's Stitchers display their crafts during the Sunday services.

To join, please contact Sarah Jevne at (775) 882-3240 or Pat Thunder at (775) 883-1548.

lee group

An organization that meets once a month, first Thursday at 11:30 pm, except July and August, for the purpose of enjoying fellowship, food, charitable activities, educational growth, entertainment, and a business meeting. 

The group which was commonly known as "Lutheran Eager Eaters" was originally known as "Life Enrichment for Everyone" when founded by the three local pastors Kenn Bergmann, Doug Thunder and Emil Leising.

An offering is taken at each meeting and dispersed within the church and community.

Members and friends share their God-given time and talents where needed. 

All area Lutherans of the grandparents' generation along with their friends are welcome to join LEE. 

Officers for 2019-2020 Secretary: Beverly Steinert Treasurer: Doug Thunder

For further Information on the LEE Group click here

For the next LEE Group Meeting click here

Because of the COVID-19 virus, LEE Group meetings are cancelled until further notice

youth group

We encourage all junior and high school and college aged youth to gather together.

Youth group meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month right after the second service and last until 1:30 pm.


The youth group "hop" around with the cutest Easter Bunny and visit members to say

"Happy Easter!" The youth’s weekend doesn’t stop there, they meet at the church at 6:00 am on Easter Sunday to prepare and serve the Annual Easter Pancake Breakfast.

The youth assist the children during their

Easter Egg Hunt

   They hope everyone has a Happy Easter! 

"He Is Risen, Alleluia!"


The youth remember mothers providing

an eventful Mother's Day Tea every year


If you need help around the house or in the yard…remember you can always

RENT-a-YOUTH. All you need to do is contact the youth group and they will send

someone your way. 


They lead VBS every year


The youth group "sleigh" around with Santa to visit the home-bound to say "Merry Christmas"


They assist with local food drives,

participate in Relay for Life at the high school and wash cars. 

If you would like to join this group or if you are interested in assisting in this ministry, please contact Traci Angel at (775) 721-5495.

mt. cross lutheran camp

The Arts Courtyard Project was prompted by the construction of Kalena's Cottage and is now entering its second phase: The completion of the Arts Courtyard, the area between Kalena's Cottage and Jensen Hall, has become a vital meeting place at camp. Preliminary retaining wall and erosion control projects, as well as access ramp have been completed and a new paver resurfacing of the courtyard will further serve the camp's primary mission of youth ministry while also appealing to retreat programming. In addition, the courtyard renovation plans may include a Meditation Labyrinth and a "face-lift" for the Lower Jensen Courtyard.

If you you like to help please contact the Mt Cross Director: 831-336-5179 - or 

Jay Olshen: 775-301- 6301;

For more information about Mt. Cross Lutheran Camp  click here

For a report on the youth group at Mount Cross July 2018 click here