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Coronavirus COVID-19 has completely taken over our  lives, our thoughts, our relationships--every aspect of our being.  Pastor Adamik has written several letters concerning St. Paul's response--these letters are available in the "NEWS AND NOTES" page.  Here we are providing several links to information intended to help us understand and how to respond.

  • First, a response from the Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical  Lutheran Church in America (click here).
  • Second, Resources to help leaders and  members stay connected and resilient during
    COVID-10 (click here)
  • Third, "FAQs for Administrators and Leaders at Community-and Faith-Based Organizations" from the CDC    (click here)
  • Fourth, Governor's public announcements regarding Coronavirus COVID-19, (click here)
  • Fifth, Responses through Lutheran Disaster Relief, (ciick here)
  • Sixth, to make donation to ELCA-LDR (click here)

news & notes

William Rawson, son of Karen and Harold Nolte and grandson of June Bennett-Hansen died on April 30, 2020 in California after a long battle with leukemia.

Jean Russell, wife of Clark, mother of Jennifer, Heather, & Camille, died on April 11, 2020, after a brief hospitalization at Renown Medical Center, Reno. Jean was a long time chairperson of the coordinaing & design committee of St. Paul's and supported the church's programs in a variety of ways.  Her memorial service will be announced at a later date. For Jean's obituary click here.

Jane Johns, an original charter member of St. Paul's  died on April 6, 2020, after a lengthy illness. Her memorial service will be held later.  For Jane's obituary click here.

For the May-1-2020 letter from Pastor Adamik regardimg the current status related to Covid-19 click here

For the 4-2-2020 letter from Pastor Adamik regarding  the extension of suspension of services click here

For the 3-19-2020 letter from Pastor Adamik concerning the suspension of services and activities click here

For the 3-16-2020 letter from Pastor Adamik concerning COVID-19  {coronavirus) click here

For the 3-6-2020 letter from Pastor Adamik concerning COVID-19 (coronavirus) click here

welcome to st. paul's

We welcome .you to our website, and even more we welcome you to visit us in our worship.  We are a community of Christians who accept the Lutheran Confessions and worship using a variety of  traditional and contemporary services.


Notice: Because of COVID-19 all activities and services at St. Paul's are suspended until further notice. Pastor Chad Adamik has provided us with on-line worship services on St, Paul's YouTube channel.  If you would like you can follow the worship booklets posted in the section below.  To join just click on the YouTube or Facebook link below:

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We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought great hardship to many people in countless ways.  For those of us who have the means and who desire to support the on-going ministry of St. Paul's there are several ways that financial support can be provided: 

1) using your bank's "Bill Pay" program; 

2) using checks sent to the church (1201 N. Saliman Rd, CC, NV 89701); 

3) using the newly created Paypal account directing your donation to "St. Paul's Lutheran Family"; & 

4) using the Simply Giving program to send regular donations to St. Paul's.

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For our most recent calendar, on hold, COVID-19

Current and past calendars are available in the COMMUNICATION section

For our most recent newsletter, click here.

Current and past newsletters are available in the COMMUNICATION section.


Holy Communion: 8:00 & 10:30 a.m. 

Kids' Church: 9:15 a.m. 

Sunday School & Bible Study: 9:30 a.m.

Pastor: The Rev. Chad Adamik

Carson City is the capital of the State of Nevada. 

The City is home to about 55,000 residents. 

St. Paul's Lutheran Family also serves residents of the nearby towns/areas of Dayton, Virginia City, Silver City, 

Silver Springs, Washoe Valley, Gardnerville-Minden,  and Lake Tahoe.

St. Paul's is located at 1201 North Saliman Road, Carson City, NV,  just north of Carson City High School.

If you have questions and are interested in participating in our worship services or other activities, we invite you to call the church at: (775) 882-3020, or send us an email to:

stained glass window


(Excerpted from a “Stewardship Temple Talk” by Bob Larson, 

St. Paul’s Church Council Member, November 9, 2014) 

Before worship each Sunday I find myself gazing at our stained glass window area. I often wonder about the artist or the contractor that installed the window over 44 years ago. Perhaps some of you know the history but I will share some of my observations. 

It may not look like it from a distance, but the window is in need of repair much like we need a little repair each time we gather here for worship. 

The stained glass window adds to our worship and presents some symbols common to our Christian heritage. 

First and most obvious is the stained glass cross but in all there are twelve crosses or points where the frames cross together counting the center cross. This reminds me of the twelve apostles and the command to go and tell. 

Notice that two of the three main crosses are thicker and rise from floor to ceiling and the third cross is thinner and shorter. One is the thief saved and the other is the thief that was lost. 

Now go to the horizontal piece that is longer as if to reach out to the lost one much like the grace of God reaches out to all or the Shepherd going out to save one lost sheep. 

On the center stained glass cross, the horizontal piece is uneven; much like we are uneven by sin and Christ is here to level things out again by His love for us. 

At the center of the cross where we see yellow panel--could be where the head of Christ was present or the crown of thorns rested. 

The red panels indicate the blood of Christ flowing downward but end up in panels of green & yellows representing Life & Joy! Our life is connected in communion with Christ our Savior by His body and blood. 

There are a few darker panels on each lower side of the window which I have concluded the artist wanted to remind us of the tumult around us, the suffering we know or temptations we encounter in our daily life. In spite of the darkest threats, our eyes scan upwards where we see some blue sky around the center of the Cross. Much like heaven, we may not see things clearly but if we keep our eyes on Jesus we will see Him as He is! 

What we do see clearly is the early Christian symbol of a fish, one swallowing the other, the story of Jonah held in darkness much like Christ and the three days before resurrection! I may not have included all of the images seen here so let me know if you notice others. 

Perhaps I am seeing too much in this window, but the crosses, the arrangement of colors and the fish symbol are all part of the story of our faith. 

May each time we gather here be a reminder of the commitment Christ made for our salvation and our commitment to do His work with our time and talent and our dedication to repair and maintain this blessed house of worship.